4 Critical Questions: A Summer Roof Inspection Guide for Homeowners

The Importance of Summer Roof Inspections for Homeowners The roof is an essential component to any home; how else would families be protected from harsh weather and UV rays? Even though it is essential, the roof is often the most neglected part of any home. Because the area is out of sight, and out of […]

5 Tips On How To Choose a Roofing Contractor 

5 Tips on How to Choose a Roofing Contractor Your roof plays an essential role in keeping your home safe and comfortable. It protects you and your family against harsh weather conditions and keeps your property safe from damage. And when it comes to roof repairs or replacements, you don’t want to trust just anyone. […]

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with a Deck

Have you ever wished for an outdoor living space to entertain guests, relax in the sun, or just take in the beauty of nature? If so, then it’s time to upgrade your backyard and build a deck. And while the task may seem daunting, hiring a professional deck contractor with the knowledge and expertise to […]

When is it time to replace your home’s siding?

When Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding?  Keeping your home’s exterior looking great and protecting the interior from nature’s elements is a team effort, and it all starts with your siding. As time marches on though, signs of wear can show up that indicate you may need to replace some (or even all) […]

Why You Need to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Project

Selecting the right roofing contractor is the key to a successful roofing project. A good roofing contractor ensures that you get the job done correctly and within your budget. In addition, they will also be able to provide advice on the roofing materials and solutions best suited for the style of your home and the […]

Roof Repair: What To Expect

Blog Introduction: As a homeowner, it’s important for you to understand the importance of a well-maintained roof. If your roof is in need of repair, it can affect the safety and security of your home, as well as its value in the long run. A new roof can be an economical solution that offers numerous […]

What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Roofing Option on the Market?

Using modern products, roofing contractors can protect your home from damaging sun rays easier than ever before. You can shop for numerous energy-saving options when partnering with these professionals. Still, how does energy-efficient roofing work, and what is the best solution for your home or business? Consider the following information before you plan your next […]

Is it time for a new roof?

Is It Time for a New Roof? A new roof might not be a top priority for the average Iowa homeowner, but it is important to know that even durable roofing materials do not last forever. Every type of roof will deteriorate with age, weather, wear and tear, and structural issues. However, figuring out when […]

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Your home’s roof is your family’s first line of defense against the elements. The key to maintaining a safe and protected home is knowing when to replace your roof. Roof replacement may seem expensive at first, but waiting too long can lead to higher costs.  As a homeowner, you should look out for signs of […]

6 Key Points to Look for in a Roofing Quote

You want to work with reputable roofing contractors when handling roof replacement or roof installation. We recommend doing a bit of research on the company before you agree to the project. The contract should provide you with a lot of the information you need, including the company’s: ●   Name ●   Address ●   […]

Can You Replace Half Your Roof System?

Your roof provides essential protection for your home. However, when it receives severe damage, you may need a new roof system installed. When only half the roof is damaged, many homeowners try to save money by replacing only part of the roof. However, this often does more harm than good. Below are four reasons you […]

5 Factors That Impact How Long Your Roof Will Last

The roof of your home or building is a significant investment. Unfortunately, roofs won’t last forever. Most homeowners and building managers want to extend the life of their roofs as long as possible. Below are five factors that impact how long your roof will last. 1.    The Workmanship of Your Roofing Contractor One of the […]

Should You Repair Your Roof or Get a Full Roof Replacement?

Should You Repair Your Roof or Get a Full Roof Replacement? The decision to repair or replace a roof is not always an easy one. While a sagging roof with extensive shingle damage might be obvious from a distance, many signs of roof damage are more subtle. If you are considering roof replacement or repair […]

What Happens During the Roof Replacement Process? (The 8-Step Process)

At All American Exteriors, we recommend the following 8-steps for quick and successful roof replacement process. Step 1: Choosing the Right Contractor If your home is in Des Moines, IA, or a nearby area, get in touch with All American Exteriors, an award-winning and family-owned business with three decades of experience in roof replacement. Step […]

How Can New Residential Roofing Benefit You and Your Home?

After you purchase a new home, you must start thinking about how you can maintain its value. One of the best ways to ensure your home’s value is to invest in top-notch roofing services. All American Exteriors is the leading provider of residential roofing in Indianola, IA. Our expert team has decades of experience installing […]

Great Decks Start With a Great Design

Decks are the transition space between indoor and outdoor living, and they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to entertainment and relaxation. If the time is ripe for a deck replacement, our deck design experts at All American Exteriors are here to offer some useful insight. With the right strategies and details […]

12 Signs That It’s Time for Gutter Replacement

While your stormwater drain system might seem fine, there are some clear signs that it is time for new gutters. Don’t ignore the warning indicators that your existing gutters are not doing the job they should. Disconnected gutters: These structures are attached just below the roof to catch stormwater. If there is no continuous channel, […]

4 Causes of Roof Discoloration

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money and effort on a new roof just to see ugly stains or marks appearing all over it. There are plenty of reasons for roof staining, depending on the roofing materials, location, and roof conditions. Once you’ve figured out the cause of your green or black roof […]

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm

Nature is unpredictable, and often, we cannot fully prepare for bad weather when it strikes. Though homes are built to sustain these conditions, they can be damaged during significant weather events. That’s where inspection services come in. Because the roof is the most significant barrier to our homes, it bears the brunt of the storm. […]

Hail Damage

Protection from Hail Damage It is not easy to prevent a hail-damaged roof. However, you can take specific actions to avoid storm damage. Make sure to manage and clip tree branches to prevent them from hanging over the roof. This way, your home will not be targeted if branches fall. Consider installing hail- and wind-resistant […]

How to know whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair?

When roof problems occur, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get your entire roof replaced. The extent of the roof damage determines if your roof needs repair or replacement. If the damage to your roof is limited to a particular area, the repair usually costs less than replacing the entire thing. It means the […]

Pros and Cons of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Around 80% of homes in the United States have asphalt shingle roofs. The reason for such a huge demand is their relatively low cost, material characteristics, and aesthetics. If your roof is not properly sealed against the outside environment, then everything beneath it is in danger. There are many advantages of asphalt shingle roofing, but […]

Roofing and Gutter Installation

Every homeowner understands the role a good roof and gutter work plays in protecting their home and its value. Even though proper maintenance will extend their lifespan, a time will come when you will need to replace your roof and install gutters. All American Exteriors is a roofing company in Indianola, Iowa, that can offer […]

Choosing Right Roofing Material for your Roof

Home is not just a place where you make memories with your family; it is also a valuable and profitable investment. Home location, design, construction, and roofing material can increase its market value and cost. Choosing the right material for your home is not an easy task. The idea of an appealing roof is exciting, […]