14 Jul 2023
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The Importance of Summer Roof Inspections for Homeowners

The roof is an essential component to any home; how else would families be protected from harsh weather and UV rays? Even though it is essential, the roof is often the most neglected part of any home. Because the area is out of sight, and out of mind, often professionals do not get called until expensive repairs or replacements are necessary. You do not want to be caught in a heavy downpour with a leak; you will have to replace items, possibly renovate your attic, and pay a hefty sum. Take action now, during the summer, to ensure you and your family are safe when harsher conditions do come around. Prevent any serious damage by having a professional perform an inspection. You deserve to feel safe, secure, and protected, no matter the conditions outside. In this blog, let’s explore the basics of roof inspections, what it involves, why it is necessary, and what inspectors look for. 

To schedule a roof inspection, call our office directly! Our number is (515) 361-7311 and our All American Exteriors team would love to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure. Get it done today! 

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What is a Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is an evaluation of the quality of the roof, done by a certified roof inspector or a roofing contractor. This inspection identifies any potential damage and your inspector should offer a solution before the problem worsens. Typically, inspectors are looking for roof deterioration, leaks, missing/broken shingles, and possible weather-caused problems. Roof inspections are crucial to good homecare. 

Why Do Homeowners Need a Summer Roof Inspection?

It may seem futile to have a professional check for roof leaks during the summer months, but did you know that summer roof inspections are essential to maintain your roof’s structure? Preventative care is the best way to insure your roof will withstand the harsher months, and summer is the perfect time! Most homeowners will wait to call the professionals until a problem gets so severe that there’s a noticeable problem; by the time the professionals arrive, the damage will be done. Do not be like most homeowners. We do not want you to have to worry about repairs and replacements, and would rather have you worry about what time the roof inspection is instead. 

If you are planning on selling your home, you need to schedule a summer roof inspection today! A clean bill of health is a great way to leverage your home onto the market and ensure that you are getting the best price!

For a Safe Home, You Need Clean Gutters and a roof inspection

What are Roof Inspectors Looking For?

Roof inspections can vary client to client, so not every inspector is going to look for the exact same indicators of preventable damage. Inspectors will look for indicators of the most common issues, including: 

  • Shingles: shingles are the first layer of defense against the elements, so inspectors will check that they are either worn out, missing, or cracked. 
  • Roof drainage: proper drainage is essential to a good quality roof as it prevents any major pooling, and consequently damage.
  • Gutter systems: gutters need to be good quality and completely unblocked to efficiently move water off the roof.
  • Moisture buildup: any dampness, mold, or mildew are great indicators of a larger problem, so it is essential that inspectors keep note of any moisture retention.
  • Structural issues: a good roof is a sturdy roof, so it is essential to fix any deformations in the rafters, deflection of the roof, and any signs of rotting.

If you are worried about any of the items on the list above, contact the trusted All American Exteriors roofing company to properly check. Call us at (515) 361-7311 to get your summer roof inspection today!

How Much Will a Roof Inspection Cost?

There cannot be one price given, as it ranges depending on your situation. Aspects like the location of the home, the type of roof, and the size all play a big part in determining the cost of a roof inspection. With that being said, the cost typically ranges between $100 and $300, depending. This may seem like a lot, but remember that with every inspection, you are investing in your roof and the value of your home; you may even save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run. To get a free quote, give our All American Exteriors staff a call! 

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We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: roof inspections are a crucial part to homeownership. By having a professional perform regular inspections, you will avoid expensive repairs and reinforce the safety of your home. We want to identify any roofing problems before they cause damage, and summer inspections are a key element. Not to mention, inspections are a great way to determine if there is any maintenance that needs to be done. Call our dedicated All American Exteriors staff at (515) 361-7311, so we can schedule a summer roof inspection today!