26 Jan 2022
roofing project

At All American Exteriors, we recommend the following 8-steps for quick and successful roof replacement process. Step 1: Choosing the Right Contractor If your home is in Des Moines, IA, or a nearby area, get in touch with All American Exteriors, an award-winning and family-owned business with three decades of experience in roof replacement. Step […]

29 Sep 2021
roofing contractor Indianola

Nature is unpredictable, and often, we cannot fully prepare for bad weather when it strikes. Though homes are built to sustain these conditions, they can be damaged during significant weather events. That’s where inspection services come in. Because the roof is the most significant barrier to our homes, it bears the brunt of the storm. […]

27 Jul 2021
snow and hail on roof draining into gutters

Protection from Hail Damage It is not easy to prevent a hail-damaged roof. However, you can take specific actions to avoid storm damage. Make sure to manage and clip tree branches to prevent them from hanging over the roof. This way, your home will not be targeted if branches fall. Consider installing hail- and wind-resistant […]