01 Apr 2022
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You want to work with reputable roofing contractors when handling roof replacement or roof installation. We recommend doing a bit of research on the company before you agree to the project. The contract should provide you with a lot of the information you need, including the company’s:

●   Name

●   Address

●   Phone number

●   Email address

The paperwork should also contain the company’s insurance and licensing information. Do not begin a roof project without this information in hand.

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#2: A Detailed Description of the Work

Any roof replacement estimate should contain information about how the roofing company plans to complete your project. This detailed description should include information about:

●   The kind of materials the company plans to use

●   The location for flashing

●   Details about underlayment, nails, and fasteners

The quote should include a step-by-step process for potentially removing your old roof and installing the new roofing system.

#3: The Materials Included in Your Project

You have several types of roofing to choose from when installing a new roof. Your roofing quote should list out all the roofing materials to be used in the job, including:

●   Flashing

●   Gutters

●   Soffit

●   Shingles

You may not want a shingle roof. In this case, your quote may list out metal, slate, tiles, or the other primary material you selected for your roof. Every item used in constructing your roofing system should show up on the quote, along with a price for each item.

Reach out to the roofing company if you notice something missing from the quote. This kind of oversight could signify potential issues with the roofer.

#4: The Timelines for Your Project

A roofing quote should include a basic timeline for your new roof project. The timeline should have several important dates, including:

●   The start date for the project

●   The estimated date of completion for your roof

●   The date the company created the quote

The date of creation for the quote matters because material prices change over time. If you wait a long time to begin the project, prices may increase, resulting in a project that costs more than you initially planned. 

Most professional roofing companies have the experience to successfully estimate how long a project will take. However, some projects run longer, especially if you face unforeseen issues with the weather or change your plans during the construction process.

#5: Details About Warranties and Guarantees

A roof replacement quote should provide you with information about the warranties or guarantees offered by the roofing company. For example, some companies provide a workmanship warranty, which guarantees the quality of the service done on your roof.

Other companies may offer you:

●   Material guarantees

●   Manufacturer warranties for materials

●   Promises for cleanup services

Many roofing companies include a roof inspection with their installation services. After finalizing the construction, they perform this inspection to ensure that everything is properly working. Check your quote to determine whether or not your company includes a roof inspection.

If your company does not perform an inspection upon completion of the project, you may want to consider other options to handle your roofing needs.

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#6: The Final Cost for Your Project

Finally, your roofing quote should include an estimated total cost for the project. This cost covers more than the materials needed for the project. IT may also have:

●   Labor costs

●   Costs for permits

●   Dump fees

●   Cleanup costs

You may receive multiple quotes with varying cost estimates. Some property owners feel tempted to select the cheapest quote. However, this may mean skipping over a company with more experience and a better reputation. 

It’s important not to cut corners on the construction of your new roof. Review each estimate carefully and select the company you believe will do the best work.

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