01 Jul 2021
roof replacement

When roof problems occur, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get your entire roof replaced. The extent of the roof damage determines if your roof needs repair or replacement. If the damage to your roof is limited to a particular area, the repair usually costs less than replacing the entire thing. It means the roofing company you hire has less work to do. However, suppose the roof damage is widespread, with chipped shingles, moisture marks, and interior leaks all over your roof – indicators that your roofing contractor cannot salvage it with repairs alone.

When repair wins over replacement

The damage is minor.

Just because you’ve encountered a single leak on your roof, a small hole on the top or noticed a patch of roofing shingles curled or cupped, doesn’t mean your entire roof needs replacement. Roof replacement is never easy on your pocket – it is expensive, and you have to pay a hefty amount to get your whole roof replaced. Moreover, if you get a roof replaced before it reaches its lifetime expectancy, it can feel like you wasted your hard-earned money.

Roof replacement is only recommended if the entire roofing system is compromised to its core. A roofing contractor can quickly repair small leaks or holes in your roof.

Minor roof damage requires only repair

Your budget is tight.

If you’re a Hollywood big-shot actor who gets paid millions of dollars for doing one movie, then getting a new roof isn’t a big deal.  However, unfortunately, most people aren’t Hollywood big shots. Of course, the repair is always preferable to roof replacement since you have other financial responsibilities too, like paying a child’s tuition, the mortgage on our house, or medical bills.

Choose roof repair if your budget is tight

You don’t want to change your home’s appearance.

We understand that living in a home for some time makes you have an emotional attachment to it. We take pride in taking care of both the interior and exterior of our homes. When it is apparent that you need a new roof, you want to be certain that it complements the overall design of your home, thus keeping the continuity of curb appeal.

In such a case, just repairing your roof is a much better alternative to getting the whole roof replaced.

Roofer on a roof

You need service on short notice.

Replacing an entire roof is a lengthy process. Roofing companies give you an estimated completion time, but many elements in meeting that deadline may be out of their control. 

If you’re short on time, always try to get your roof repaired instead of getting your roof replaced. And as soon as you’re able, call a roofing company for a roof inspection to assess whether the roofing repairs are sufficient or the roof replacement is inevitable and mandatory.

Your roof was recently replaced.

Your roof system has multiple layering to prevent weather damage, provided it was done by a professional roofing contractor near your area. Most homeowners need a maximum of two roof replacements in the entire span of their house occupancy.

Keep in mind, however, that as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you take proper care of your roof. Make sure it is well ventilated. Keep your gutters free of debris, and clear the dams that build in them during the winter months. Neglecting simple maintenance could raise the cost of repair as high as a complete replacement.

The need for roof replacement isn’t caused only because of neglect. It could be that the roof is old. Asphalt singles last 15-20 years.

When replacement is the only option 

Your roof has reached its maximum age.

Nothing lasts forever, including a roof. A roof must end too. When your roof reaches its maximum age, the shingles will start to become curled or cupped. The granules will fall off. Multiple leaks may begin to happen. Moss and algae will begin to accumulate. The falling of granules and curling and cupping of shingles indicate that the underlying roof structure is no longer in tiptop shape – due to overheating or constant contact with moisture, the decking has been damaged. Once the internal structure of a roofing system is compromised, roof replacement becomes inevitable.

Old roof requires roof replacement

Fear losing your home’s visual appeal and consistency.

Each time you get only some roofing shingles replaced, there is a high chance that the new shingles might not match the current ones. The roof might not look visually consistent. For a completely consistent look, getting your entire roof replaced is recommended.

You need to give your house a fresh look.

Revitalize and embellish your house with a fresh look from a new roof. This new look will make your house the talk of the town. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and cherish the neat, clean, modern, and sophisticated look of your new roof.

Staying compliant with the latest building codes.

Sometimes, instead of stripping old shingles away, new shingles are applied over the old ones. There are building codes designed to prevent dangerous situations from occurring- like applying layer after layer of shingles.

Don’t worry if all this roof repair or roof replacement debate makes you scratch your head and puts you in a state of dismay.   All American Exterior is a roofing company founded on the principle that our clients deserve fair and honest pricing — without surprises! We’ll do a fair roof assessment or inspection and help you understand whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each option. We want to ensure you have the best information to make an informed decision. Contact us today about your questions!