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Why Install Vinyl Siding?

While wood, stucco, cement, and other materials are perfectly fine for a home’s exterior, vinyl siding has some advantages. Vinyl is an inexpensive yet attractive siding material. Unlike other materials that are attached tightly to the sheathing, it has room to move, allowing it to accommodate expansion and contraction with the changing seasons.

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Vinyl Siding Installation

Siding installation is a straightforward process, but it must be done with care so that the installation is functional, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. The old siding or other material must first be removed to reveal the sheathing, which is often plywood or something similar. A water-resistant sheet covers the sheathing so that any moisture that gets past the siding does not damage the house. The new siding then covers the barrier sheet, one strip at a time, starting at the bottom. Starter strips for the bottom row of siding contain an extra row of nail holes. The strips of siding overlap with one another to conceal the nailing hem, where nails hold each strip of siding in place. A spacer keeps the bottom edge of the siding from directly touching the sheathing.

Corner posts and corner trim are attached to create an attractive joint and additional protection against water infiltration. Siding also covers the fascia board at the lower edge of the roof. Additional pieces are needed to accommodate windows, doors, and light fixtures.

Finding the Right Contractor For Installing Vinyl Siding

There are many siding types and siding installations. Most contractors have varying levels of experience with different types of siding. Finding a siding company with the expertise to replace your current siding with vinyl siding can be a challenge. Complex architectural designs with unusual window shapes, many corners, and complex wall configurations can require custom modifications that will look unsightly in the hands of an inexperienced contractor.

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau provide a standard to evaluate businesses. All American Exteriors in Indianola, IA has an A+ rating from the BBB, so you can be confident in their reputation and professionalism.

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