19 Oct 2021
Gutter Replacement

While your stormwater drain system might seem fine, there are some clear signs that it is time for new gutters. Don’t ignore the warning indicators that your existing gutters are not doing the job they should.

  1. Disconnected gutters: These structures are attached just below the roof to catch stormwater. If there is no continuous channel, the water won’t drain out the way it should, leaking out of the holes and landing where it doesn’t belong. In this situation, a professional can install seamless gutters to help redirect the water.
  2. Cracks: Gutter sealant will repair some cracks, but it is time for replacement when there are more than five or six problem areas.
  3. Pulling away from the roof: Adding more gutter hangers won’t solve the problem if you notice they are pulling away from the roof. You might need to replace the fascia boards, too.
  4. Sagging: The proper roof pitch and gutter pitch are essential for effective water diversion. Proper gutter slope ensures the water drains into the crevice. If your old gutters sag and spill water, it is time for new gutter installation.
  5. Missing pieces: Gutter materials should be complete and functional. When you see parts of the channel are missing or fasteners and nails are on the ground, replacement is the solution.
  6. Peeling paint: As the metal pulls away from your house, rainwater seeps into the wood where they are attached. Peeling paint in these places is a clear sign that you need to replace gutters.
  7. Standing water: After a storm, rainwater that pools at your home’s foundation or stands in the landscape is not normal. Rain gutters should move the water away from your home and property. A  new gutter system will divert the water to a place that won’t harm your home or landscape.
  8. Foundation problems: Water that stands at the foundation of your home can bring structural issues that affect the integrity of your home. Once that happens, the repairs can be extensive and costly. Prevent long-term damage with new aluminum gutters.
  1. Basement flooding: When water floods your basement after rain, this is a problem that can produce mold and mildew. Once that happens, the mold is difficult to remedy and can cause serious health issues. Installing gutters that fit your home correctly will remove the water in your basement.
  2. Erosion: Spending time on your yard only to have it wash away in a storm can be another gutter problem. All stormwaters should be directed away from your yard, so if you are struggling with erosion in your yard, it is time for gutter replacement or new metal gutters.
  3. Water damage: When you see watermarks on your siding or around the fascia boards, this can be a gutter problem. An inspection by a gutter installation professional will show you whether you need repair or gutter replacement.
  4. Rust: Too much rainwater and incorrect drainage result in rust spots on the surfaces. Eventually, the metal will rust through. Choosing a system with a gutter guard will keep out the debris to avoid clogs.

When you need a gutter estimate because you are unsure how much gutters cost, contact All American Exteriors at (515) 255-When you need a gutter estimate because you are unsure how much gutters cost, contact All American Exteriors at (515) 255-4872. We install gutters of all types, including steel gutters and fascia gutters that are streamlined directly into the fascia of your home for a sleek appearance. Replacing gutters is what we do best!