17 Feb 2022
roofing contractor Indianola

The roof of your home or building is a significant investment. Unfortunately, roofs won’t last forever.

Most homeowners and building managers want to extend the life of their roofs as long as possible. Below are five factors that impact how long your roof will last.

1.    The Workmanship of Your Roofing Contractor

One of the most critical factors that determine the durability and life expectancy of your roofing system is the craft quality of your contractor. If your roof lacks proper installation, it will be more susceptible to weather damage and experience a shorter lifespan.

When hiring a contractor to install your roof, whether metal or single-ply roofs, it is vital to do your research and check that the company has the experience and offers warranties. A warranty will help cover the damage costs should anything happen to your roof after the installation service. If the roofer does a poor job installing your roof and doesn’t offer a warranty, you’ll likely pay for future repairs out of pocket.

Don’t neglect word-of-mouth reviews or company experience when finding a trustworthy contractor.

2.    Adequate Attic Ventilation

In the summer, a lack of proper upper room ventilation can create heat in the attic, affecting asphalt shingles. In the winter, poor attic ventilation often forms condensation, which impacts the shape and durability of the material that covers the deck.

Adding insulation to the walls or attic fans can help promote adequate ventilation and protect your roof tiles and top covering of the deck.

3.    The Amount of Extreme Weather Your Roof Experiences

All roofs go through various weather changes. However, constant exposure to extremely warm or cold temperatures can gradually deteriorate your roofing material. For example, steel or metal roofing will often deteriorate quicker in severe cold, whereas shingle roofs are more prone to damage after a hailstorm.

If you notice ice that is a few inches thick sitting on your concrete shingles or flat roof, it is vital to remove it as soon as possible to prevent damage.

Dark flat roofs or shingles are also more susceptible to UV damage. Dark colors attract the sun’s UV rays, which can gradually weaken your roof and reduce its lifespan.

4.    How Often You Have Roof Maintenance Performed

Routine maintenance is the key to extending the life of your roof. Scheduling a professional maintenance inspection at least twice a year can help reduce the risk of water damage and protect your roofing products. Cleaning out the gutters, removing wet debris, and checking the quality of your roof material can significantly improve durability and life expectancy.

5.    Investing in Quality Roofing Materials for Roof Repair

Although it can be tempting to choose cheap materials and labor to save money, it can significantly impact how long your roofing system and shingles will last. Investing in high-quality components and labor can save you money on repairs and help prevent the need for a premature replacement.

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