17 Feb 2022
roof shingle lifting

Your roof provides essential protection for your home. However, when it receives severe damage, you may need a new roof system installed.

When only half the roof is damaged, many homeowners try to save money by replacing only part of the roof. However, this often does more harm than good. Below are four reasons you should avoid replacing only half your roof system.

1.    Replacing Half Your Roofing System Will Have Greater Long-term Costs

One of the main reasons homeowners consider replacing only half their single-ply roofing systems is to save money. However, this will lead to more significant long-term roof repair and maintenance costs.

When you replace only half your roof system, it impacts your roof’s life expectancy and overall durability. Unfortunately, this often requires more frequent repairs and more significant maintenance costs. Replacing your whole roof ensures that the entire roof deck has the same lifespan and will ultimately reduce the need for cap sheet, flashing, or hot asphalt repairs.

2.    Each Side of Your Roof Deck Will Have a Different Lifespan

As your roof ages, it becomes more prone to leaking and damaged shingles. Replacing only half of your roof system means that half of the roof decking will start to age quicker than the other side, making it less water-resistant and lacking proper insulation. As the older side starts to deteriorate quicker, it will need more frequent hot asphalt or decking repairs.

Eventually, you will need to replace half of the roof system again, starting an unending cycle and more significant repair costs.

3.    You Won’t Get a Full Roofing Materials Warranty

You miss out on the warranty when you replace only half the roof system. Warranties protect the material and craft of the roofer by covering the cost of repairs should there be an issue with your insulation, flashing, cap sheet, or other roof system components. Unfortunately, replacing only half the roof system means you’ll likely have to pay out of pocket for faulty asphalt shingles or construction damage.

4.    Your Roof Edges and Layout Won’t Look as Good

Replacing half your roof system impacts not only its lifespan, but also your home or building’s curb appeal. New building materials such as shingles or panels are significantly less faded than older materials, especially when exposed to frequent sunlight. Single-ply roofs and other types of roof decks will have an uneven aesthetic that stands out when you replace half or part of the roof system.

What About Replacing Half a Metal Roof System?

In some cases, it makes sense to replace half a metal roof system. If you are on a strict budget or have a minor section that needs replacing, a proper roof installation service can help prevent an uneven roof slope. Getting a roof estimate and discussing your options with a professional roofing contractor will help you determine the best choice for your roofing system.

Whether you have an asphalt or wood roof, All American Exteriors can provide a high-quality and long-lasting replacement. Call the team at (515)255-4872 to get a new roof installed by trusted professionals. Or visit us at https://allamerican4u.com/ to learn more.