20 May 2022
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Is It Time for a New Roof?

A new roof might not be a top priority for the average Iowa homeowner, but it is important to know that even durable roofing materials do not last forever. Every type of roof will deteriorate with age, weather, wear and tear, and structural issues. However, figuring out when to replace the roof is not always a question with an obvious timeframe.

Below, All American Exteriors shares a brief guide on when to replace an old roof or install a new one. They also discuss how ignoring an old roof’s deterioration might be a mistake for homeowners and businesses in Iowa.

Six Serious Signs That It Is Time To Invest in Roof Replacement

As one of Iowa’s best roofing company choices, All American Exteriors trusted roofing contractors have nearly 25 years of industry experience. Part of that time has been spent learning how and why it might be time to replace a roof. Most property owners would prefer to ignore potentially costly roof replacement options, but there are a few signs that may be urgent.

Here are six signs that your Iowa roof replacement might be imminent:

#1 Natural Light Entering Your Attic

Before conducting an exterior roof inspection, our professionals will typically check the attic for obvious holes and leaks. As roofs degrade, they often create gaps that expose the upper areas of the house to the elements, and these openings only expand over time. If there are leaks, it will cause significant structural damage. 

Have you noticed light beams or new water damage in the attic or ceilings? You may need to schedule a repair or replacement with us as soon as possible.

#2 Bubbling or Swelling Ceilings

A leaky roof often traps water within the ceiling, which might cause the ceiling boards to bubble or swell. Moisture also creates unsightly brown and yellow stains on the ceilings and walls. Ignoring these issues is a sure way to facilitate hazardous mold and mildew colonies that may put the health of residents or employees at risk and is costly to remedy.

Does your home have new water stains or bubbling ceiling spots? Scheduling a team to install a whole new roof system may be just around the corner.

#3 Mold Along Roof Shingles

Excess moisture often leads to mold, moss, and mildew on your roof’s shingles, especially with limited ventilation to air out these areas. Eliminating the growth is fairly easy if the property owner is keeping up with regular maintenance routines. However, it can quickly become a severe problem if you do not deal with it swiftly. 

How does this organic growth affect the roof? It:

  • Damages shingles
  • Attracts unwanted pests
  • Reduces curb appeal
  • Spreads to other properties in the area
  • Causes health risks, respiratory issues, and more

Is your roof overwhelmed with moss, mold, or mildew? Call professionals like All American Exteriors to take a look before it is too late.

ashphalt shingles coming apart

#4 Damaged or Missing Shingles

One of the clearest signs of decay in a roof is seeing missing or broken shingles. These shingles give the roof an extra layer of protection against extreme weather and many other elements. With damage, the roof shingles cannot efficiently protect the structure against hail damage, leaks, wear and tear, and other issues. 

Does it look like you might need to repair shingles at your Iowa property? Chat with All American Exteriors about an inspection of the exterior and interior damage and a quote on repairs.

#5 Damaged Flashing

Reliable roof contractors like ours place durable flashing around chimneys, vents, and lights to prevent water from entering the building. If this flashing deteriorates, water seeps right through it. Leaks can quickly affect the structural integrity, leading to costly damages after storms or high humidity.

Is the flashing showing signs of disrepair? Installing a new roof could improve your roof’s durability while preventing troublesome leaks.

#6 The Roof is 20 Years or Older

Our roofing experts recommend replacing asphalt shingle roofs every 20 to 25 years. Replacing the shingles might be cheaper, but this task proves useless once the roof’s structure passes its intended lifespan. We recommend reviewing home improvement records to learn when the previous owners might have replaced the roof for a better idea of what to expect.

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