05 Nov 2021
deck replacement

Decks are the transition space between indoor and outdoor living, and they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to entertainment and relaxation.

If the time is ripe for a deck replacement, our deck design experts at All American Exteriors are here to offer some useful insight. With the right strategies and details in mind, you’ll be able to improve your old decking in no time and enjoy it for years to come.

Top Features Deck Owners Should Include

Are you looking to transform your existing decking into a barbeque area or an outdoor living room? Whatever your decking plans, here are some essential design elements that you should consider adding:

●      Lighting. Consider implementing lights for your new decking surfaces within stairs and railings for safety and in-wall mounts or overhead features for beautiful mood lighting.

●      Shade. Shade structures like pergolas and arbors let you enjoy your space more often by protecting you from the harsh outdoor elements. These components can also provide a unique aesthetic to your deck frame.

●      Railings. A secure deck railing will prevent your household and guests from nasty falls. We generally recommend this feature for decks that are over 30 inches.

●      Deck stairs. Speaking of height, adding elevation and even multiple levels to your decking can create more visual appeal and divide larger spaces to make them more manageable.

●      Drainage. Whether or not you live in a rainier part of Iowa, including a drain system to your deck replacement project can offer peace of mind when the weather gets rough.

Traditional vs. Composite Deck Boards: Which Material to Choose?

The two most popular decking materials among Iowa homeowners are treated lumber and composite materials. Let’s go over their main pros and cons:

●      Treated wood. Many people prefer traditional wood decking because they offer a timeless charm that goes well with many design elements. However, their entire frame needs resealing and resurfacing every few years to maintain their pristine appearance.

●      Composite wood. Composite decks are designed to mimic the colors, grains, and textures of natural wood. While a bit pricier than its traditional counterpart, composite decking is resistant to rot and infestation and much more low maintenance.

Reach Out to Our Experts for Quality Deck Repair and Replacement Solutions

When you want to save money and time on your new deck, partnering with the right deck contractor is a must. The professionals at All American Exteriors have been building decks for over 30 years, specializing in whole deck solutions made from quality composite and traditional wood.

As a leading deck company in Iowa, we understand the physics and expertise needed to build an entire deck and account for every component: from the deck board material down to its individual deck screws. It’s our keen attention to detail that allows us to tick all of your boxes: style, function, durability, and safety to create the perfect space for today’s outdoor living.If you’re ready to discuss your deck replacement options, please contact us or call us at 515-255-4872. Our team at All American Exteriors will assess your existing deck, learn more about your preferences, and make the best recommendations.