12 Feb 2023

When Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding? 

All American Exteriors will guide you in determining if it’s time to replace the siding on your home.

Keeping your home’s exterior looking great and protecting the interior from nature’s elements is a team effort, and it all starts with your siding. As time marches on though, signs of wear can show up that indicate you may need to replace some (or even all) of this vital protection layer. So what should you keep an eye out for? In this post, we delve into those warning signals – so read on to learn more about how best to protect one of your most valuable investments!

Discoloration or Fading 

Is your home’s siding starting to morph into a different hue? This can be an indication that the paint and sealant used on it are weakening due to weathering, UV rays or normal wear-and-tear. Ignoring these signs of deterioration could result in more costly repairs down the line – so don’t wait!  

Cracks and Splits 

If you’ve started to notice any cracks or splits in your siding, this is likely an indication that it may be time to replace the siding on your home. This could mean moisture has seeped into the material and created weak points – which can lead to structural damage if not taken care of quickly – so don’t delay! Get ahead of the problem by replacing deteriorating siding as soon as possible.

Replacing the damaged siding on your home will protect both it - and your wallet - in the long run.

Side Effects of Water Damage 

Another sign indicating that you should replace your home’s siding is if you spot any kind of fungus growth on it. Moisture buildup from rain or melted snow can cause fungus to form on wooden – and even vinyl – surfaces like siding. If left untreated, this fungus can spread and eventually lead to even more serious damage, such as rotting or termite infestation. Fungus growth should always be addressed right away before bigger problems arise and can be solved by replacing old siding with new material.  

Finally, water damage is one of the surest signs that you need to replace your siding. If you notice any staining on your walls or ceilings after rainfall or snowfall, then chances are there are issues with your current siding system that need addressing right away. Additionally, if you start noticing water pools around window sills and door frames, this could be due to faulty installation or worn-out seals, which would require professional attention immediately in order to avoid further damage.  

Get it Done Right

At All American Exteriors, we understand that replacing your home’s siding can be a daunting task. However, having up-to-date and properly installed siding not only helps protect your house from inclement weather but also provides additional insulation against heat and cold air infiltration; it also adds value and curb appeal. So if you see any signs of discoloration, cracking/splitting, or water damage on your home’s exterior walls—don’t hesitate. Contact one of our team members today to ensure the  necessary repairs are taken care of before they become more expensive problems down the road!