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Our team at All American Exteriors can help you handle your roofing needs. Working with a local roofing contractor in Truro, IA, can help you feel confident about the results of your project. We use our experience to handle your needs and offer a free roofing estimate to our customers in Truro.

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We Take Care of Roofing Installation in Truro

Are you interested in replacing your current roofing system or looking for a roofer to work on new construction? If so, you can reach out to our team for roofing installation services. We put our years of experience and training to work handling your unique needs.

 We use top-of-the-line equipment and supplies to take care of roof installation for both commercial and residential properties throughout Truro. Our team places leak barriers and roof deck protective coatings before installing the roof itself.

You can reach out to us to learn more about installing a:


  •       Shingle roof
  •       Metal roof
  •       Tile roof
  •       Flat roof


We take care to apply a coating to finished shingle roofs to protect them from the elements. We also understand the steps necessary to install proper ventilation on your new roof, allowing humid air to escape through the roof instead of building up in your home.

We recommend that you consider a roof replacement or installation of a new roof if you have an older roof or if you notice signs of problems, such as buckling shingles or leaks inside your home. Allow us to assess your situation starting today.

Contact Us for Truro Roof Repairs

A local roofing contractor in Truro, IA, can step in to handle repairs for your roof. We understand that repairing the damage to your roof often costs much less than replacing the entire roof. In addition, handling repairs quickly can stop the damage from spreading, allowing you to keep the costs for restoration low.

You can contact us about the possibility of roofing repairs if you notice you have:

  •       Cracked or curled shingles
  •       Dark stains on your roof
  •       Sagging spots on the roof
  •       Granules from shingles in your gutters
  •       Mold growing on the roof
  •       Missing or lost shingles

Our crews arrive quickly to assess the damage to your roof. We take care of repairs for roofs damaged by age or by poor weather conditions, like hail or heavy rains. We provide you with an estimate before beginning repairs, so you know what to expect from the process.

Our team at All American Exteriors has a reputation for excellence around Truro. All techs working for our company are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can reach out to us to discuss warranties for roof repair services and the work of our highly trained team.

Speak to Us for a Roofing Inspection in Truro

You may require a roofing inspection in Truro in some cases. Roof inspections provide you with in-depth information about the condition of your roof. In addition, crews often perform inspections after significant storms to check for:

  •       Leaks in the roof
  •       Damage from the weather
  •       Signs of corrosion
  •       Structural damage to your home

A roof inspection allows you to plan out how you want to care for your roof in Truro. Then, based on the assessment results, you may schedule other roofing services or get back your peace of mind regarding the condition of your roof.

Roof inspections represent an essential part of roof maintenance. Maintenance activities help prevent problems from developing with your roofing system. Setting up a maintenance appointment can save you money in the long run by allowing you to catch signs of wear and tear before the problem worsens. 

Adequately maintained roofs also have a longer lifespan than other others in Truro. We can set up an appointment to review the condition of your commercial or residential roof today. Allow us to check out shingle, slate, or metal roofing. You may also contact us for help with your:

  •       Gutters
  •       Windows
  •       Doors
  •       Siding
  •       Decks

Allow us to provide you with comprehensive services here in Truro.

Get Help from Roofing Contractors in Truro 

A local roofing contractor in Truro, IA, can step in to help you with maintenance, repairs, or roofing replacement. Our team at All American Exteriors takes your needs seriously when you contact us at 515-255-4872 for help.

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