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Living in the heartland of Iowa, Madrid residents know just how much our roofs can take a beating. From biting winds to frigid snow, we rely on our roofs to keep us safe from the elements. As the first line of defense against the weather, they are essential to our comfort and security.

Here in Iowa, the seasons take a toll on our properties. Regular maintenance and roof inspections help prevent minor wear and tear from snowballing into more significant structural concerns. Caring for your roof offers many benefits, from increasing your home’s curb appeal to ensuring your family’s safety.

No one understands this better than the certified professionals at All American Exteriors. Our experts are on hand to provide roof repair and installation across Madrid, IA, and its neighboring areas. 

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Our Services

With years of experience as a local roofing business, All American Exteriors understands the needs of the Madrid community. Our roofing contractors are equipped and trained to service commercial and residential properties—from minor repairs to whole home renovations, we’ve covered it all. 

  •     Roof Installations – In need of a new roof? Unsure of where to start? Our qualified professionals will help you determine the best roofing options for your property.
  •     Roof Repairs – From leaks to damage caused by small animals, All American Exteriors has the tools to repair your roof and keep it in working order for years to come. 
  •     Roof Replacements – Over time, roofs can age and fall apart. Our contractors will assess your existing structure and update your roof using the latest roofing materials and technologies. 

Types of Damage

Rain or shine, you deserve a roof that can withstand harsh Iowa weather. As proud members of the Madrid community, our roofing contractors are all too familiar with the havoc that Iowa weather can wreak on your home or business. Given our first-hand experience working on local properties, All American Exteriors knows what it takes to protect your roof against storm damage

  •     Hail Damage – Iowa residents are no strangers to the familiar sounds of hail hitting the gutters. If you’ve ever spent time outside during a hailstorm, you already know just how hard these ice balls can hit. The impact of hail can damage your roof’s exterior, resulting in tears or dents.  
  •     Water Damage – It’s always comforting to wait out the rain from inside the safety of your home. While any roof should keep you dry, heavy storms can cause unwanted leaks and flooding. 
  •     Wind Damage – The whistling of the wind against your window is an excellent reminder of why it’s good to be indoors. However, wind can put stress on your roof, weakening it. It can also enter through existing holes, chilling your home. 
  •     Impact Damage – Unfortunately, strong winds and heavy storms can cause debris to strike your home. Large objects such as toppled trees can land on your property, puncturing your roof.  

If you’ve experienced these weather conditions in the past, All American Exteriors is here to assess the structural integrity of your home and ensure that it continues to protect you from the elements.

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When Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

It’s never a bad time to have your roof inspected. We often take our roofs for granted until something goes wrong. Tackling wear and tear early on prevents minor issues from developing into major concerns.

Getting ahead of the problem will also save you money in the long run. It’s inexpensive and easy for a roofing contractor to replace a couple of broken shingles. However, if left unrepaired, those broken shingles can lead to more compromising issues down the line, requiring a costly roof replacement 

Not sure whether your roof needs maintenance? Worried about the weather? Our roofing professionals will assess your property to help you determine what kind of work your home needs. Once our experts have prepared an estimate, they’ll outline a plan to get your home back in tip-top shape in no time.

For reliable and efficient roofing repair in Madrid, IA, give us a call today at (515) 361-3371. With storm season around the corner, you deserve a roof you can rely on!

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